Sharni Vinson Bikini Candids Continue the Wet Hot Australian Summer Season

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Even though she's currently dating that dude from the craptastic Twilight movie series, we're not going to overlook candidly caught bikini pictures of any of our favorite celebs, certainly not former Home and Away soap hottie, Sharni Vinson, who like her fellow Aussie countrywomen, is delighting in the midst of the Southern Hemispheric summer as we Northerners drag on through the months when we try to keep our family cockles from becoming covered in frost.

Granted, Sharni is violating one of our rules about women wearing large hats and sunglasses, the ultimate form of female visual deception, but, given that this is Sharni, we have a pretty good idea what's under the covers, so to speak. Plus, we haven't really got past looking at her delightfully entrancing tush quite yet. Enjoy.

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