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Sarah Hyland Bikini Pictures Monumental in 'Modern Family'

Who can not lust Sarah Hyland, the early 20-something playing teen on Modern Family who is ever so slowly peeking out of her G-rated cover to provide bits and pieces of skin-hotness. The sextastic little brunette flashed just a bit of wonderments on last night's Modern Family, a bit of bikini wardrobe spectacular that has fanboys drooling into their Cap'n Crunch and Lactaid bowls this morning. We just had to share with those who haven't already added these photos to their stalking Sarah Hyland closets (our own stalking closet is magnificent and we can imagine will even impress the legal authorities at some point down the road).

It's been a wonderful day for celebrity sextastic here, with Sarah Hyland bikini pictures a nice bit of icing on the hotness cake. Enjoy.

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