Olivia Munn Finishes the Year Strong and Sextastic as FHM Covergirl

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It's been a very bad good year for Olivia Munn. The former G4 hostess took a nosedive right into mainstream TV sitcom failure and also found herself stuck in the middle of some bad rom-com supporting actress parts (and having to see Sarah Jessica Parker changing on set, oof!) while forgoing her roots as a sextastic geek girl extraordinaire. But, through it all, Olivia Munn never stopped looking hot and being the sole source of more fanboy deaths by reason of excessive fapitation than just about any other 'girl next door' type.

But, now, Olivia is finishing out '11 with a very strong and noteworthy performance in her mini-pictorial and covergirl duties for the upcoming edition of FHM magazine. The exotic looking brunette shows us all that while she may be becoming the girls whose shoulder gets cried on in a bunch of lousy onscreen roles, she will ever be the awesome girl who swallowed the hot dog on a string on AOTS. Enjoy.

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