Nina Agdal Lingerie Pictures So Hot You'll Come Down Your Chimney

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Well, it is close to the end of the year, the time we start making wildly inaccurate predictions about the coming annum, and I'd like to go out on a very short limb and declare that Danish lingerie and swimsuit and all-things-good model, Nina Agdal, and her supreme hotness, are going to rank among your top 10, maybe top 5, super bodied silky pimpsters. Just check out Nina's latest and hottest shoot for Frederick's of Hollywood and tell me you are not laying eyes upon a body forged in the River of Sextastic somewhere very close to heaven. Even if you don't know the name by now, remember the body, imprint it upon the gray matter where you store important info like game cheats and rotisserie league stats, for there it will reside ad infinitum. Enjoy.

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