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Miley Cyrus Throws Some Adult Style Hot Looks in 'Beauty Book' Outtakes

Give it up for Miley Cyrus who shows up when she needs to. And when she needs to is either on stage with wardrobe malfunctions to make concerts endurable for the dads, boyfriends, husbands, and brothers forced to attend her musical engagements, and also when it's for a good cause, not that the former cause isn't a good cause, but specifically for charitable events. In these outtakes from Miley Cyrus' pictorial in The Beauty Book for Brain Cancer, wherein a bunch of sextastic celebrities look glamorous and ogle worthy for a very worthy cause, the Nashville native shows that she can deliver the grown-up heat we all knew was buried somewhere deep in her skanky (skanky good) teen jeans. Kudos to you, Miley, for flaunting the the chops for charity. Enjoy.

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