Melissa Satta Poses-Off Sextastic Style on Italian TV (VIDEO)

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SI Swimsuut model Melissa Satta may be the hottest woman to ever be birthed in Boston, but, sadly, we've lost her permanently now to the good and decent people of The Boot, where she is working her way through, of course, wealthy soccer stars, not to mention growing celebrity of her own, including her current stint on Kalispera ('Good Evening', or something there abouts) where she faces off against similarly hot Italian transplants such as Belen Rodriguez for the title of show super hottie.

On the boob tube this past week, Melissa offered up a new wrinkle in her show hotness resume, with some serious posing in short shorts that has to be seen (repeatedly, and privately) to be believed. She is one fine looking woman with what one might call just the right amount of limberness. Oh, yes, just the right amount. Enjoy.

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