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Maria Menounos Bikini Pictures Score Big Points on the Sextastic Scale

We all know what happened about last year at this New Year's time when Maria Menounos decided to play some bikini football on the Atlantic coastline, one of the best lip slips ever recorded in Egotastic!'s perv-lustrious history. 

Well, we didn't quite score that big today, not yet, but there's plenty of big hotness any time our favorite TV show hostess strips down to some kind of tiny little outfit, gets wet, and starts fondling balls with her killer smile. We're not sure this Grecian bit of ridiculously hot even realizes what she's doing to men in her skimpy bikini, tossing the Nerf football about the surf, and wetting her tender visuals. Almost too much, and, yet, just the right amount.

We lust Maria Menousnos like a pussycat loves mice. Or possibly we have that analogy backwards. Keep doing whatever it is your doing, Maria, and we'll keep peeping. Enjoy.

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