Luisana Lopilato Lingerie Pictures Will Fuel Your Domestic Fantasies

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Oh, my apologies, Mrs. Buble, I didn't realize you were still changing.

Given my personal lack of handicraft skills, it's extremely difficult for me to even imagine the 'worker walks in on the half-dressed wife' fantasy fun time scenario, but with Luisana Lopilato in skimpy little underthings and silky nothings, well, time to stretch the imaginative powers. With each successive pictorial from this super hot Argentinean model, it's becoming more and more clear why a Cannuckian dude would drop down a million and one latitudinal lines to find his future bride, a version of my own plan involving a trip down to Sudamericana to someday find the woman who will produce the many babies Egotastic! (of course, Buble took a jet and champagne, while I'll be taking the '87 company Winnebago and a 10-lb Costo pack of Teriyaki jerky, but if my new Latina love doesn't love me back for the simple man I am, well, I suppose that's okay as long as she's hot).

Luisana Lopilato cuts a mean pose in black lacy things. Wicked mean. Enjoy.

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