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Josie Goldberg Bikini Pictures Continue For Our Full-Bodied Body Lovers

Don't ever say we're not The Giving Tree here. Our leaves the sextastic celebrity photos, the branches the peeks and pokes, our trunk the very essence of our All-Star photos, just, please, be considerate and don't ask to drain us of our sap, that we leave to the professionals that work the side alley behind AM-PM mini-mart, where it turns out you can really order anything.

We receive so many positive letters from fans of Josie Goldberg, or, perhaps, just readers happy to see some more meaty celebrities in the typically half-starved Hollywood jungles. Reality TV big girl Josie Goldberg definitely is that. While not baring herself completely this time on Miami Beach, Josie Goldberg certainly shows plenty of skin, and she has plenty to show. Enjoy.

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