Joanna Krupa Ever Hot to Watch in CKM

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We can never really get enough of Polish-American hottie Joanna Krupa, the Windy City vixen and half of the Krupa Sisters hotness tour, who has spent the past half year or so back in the native Polish lands hosting their edition of Next Top Model, which brought out an entire line of Polski sweethearts. And even more importantly, to celebrate Joanna's home country return, CKM magazine ran an absolutely stunning pictorial of the girl some consider to be the sexiest model in the world (she certainly ought be in the running). Not only is the hot-bodied Krupa just an amazing specimen of female kind, she photographs damn well.

In fact, don't think I'm not bringing my Nikon next time to the small motel where Joanna and I meet for our down low making of the sexy in my middle of the night dreams. Enjoy.

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