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Jessica Jane Clement Lingerie Pictorial Because Hot Women Plus Hot Lingerie Equals Something Very Very Good

We've been accused here of falling in lust with every hot celebrity we see half-nekkid to which charges we respond, most absolutely guilty. What can we do but reach into our pockets for cash (I swear that's why we're reaching into our pockets) and offer up the sum total of our pittance wage for a mere chance to make it rain for but a few seconds around the super sextastic likes of Jessica Jane Clement, here in superb glory from this past summer's lingerie shoot for Nuts, prior to her I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here wondrous performance on the telly. 

When we see girls like Jessica Jane looking all kinds of silky and hot-bodied and flashing what most certainly is Mother Nature's finest way of saying thank you to the male of the species (and our fine ogling female-on-female friends), we just want to write a lousy poem or sing a Maroon 5 song or something entirely pointless and annoying. I suppose that is Mother Nature's evening out of the score. Enjoy.

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