Jessica Biel White Hot Pitching 'New Year's Eve'

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We can easily forgive Jessica Biel for pimping the craptastic New Year's Eve ball-crushing cinematic experience as we understand it's just part of her contract. (Plus, what I've learned on the Internet is that there is some percentage of guys out there who delight in a good ball crushing.) Especially when Jessica makes her all to rare-public appearances reminding us why 8th Heaven was the ten minutes we spent alone locked in the bathroom after viewing 7th Heaven.

Outside The Letterman Show last night, Jessica Biel looked all kinds of slim and fine and lust-inducing in a form-fitting white dress, likely providing a whole new generation of boys their own Biel-hotness permanent imprint on the libido.

A man never forgets his first WB wank. Enjoy.

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