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Jessica Alba Bikini Pictures for Our First Post-Baby Two Piece Swimsuit Examination

Not too shabby, Jess.

We'd hate to close out 2011, truly the year of the MILF, without seeing, I mean, seeing, Jessica Alba on her full road to post-baby bodily recovery, which we kind of could tell from our sweaty-palmed investigation of many of her photos in the past several weeks, but, of course, under those looser clothes she's been wearing, let alone her omnipresent oversized Bedouin scarves, we couldn't CSI this important case quite properly.

Now, thanks to some nifty bit of long range photography, and one of our very favorite Cabo resorts with the clear line of sight from the tree line to the pool, we have our first glimpse of Jessica Alba bikini pictures, flashing a good bit of skin, and verifying that the uber-sextastic kind of actress is not many weeks away from total and complete return to glory. We shall count the minutes whilst drooling. Enjoy.

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