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Jennifer Nicole Lee Outdoor Workout Leaves Us Tired and Sore

I know sextastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee is the one doing all the bending and stretching and lifting and flexing, but for some reason we're feeling the burn on our end. Huh, something like a phenomenon.

The BBW turned taut-body inspirer of the female gender continues to make the denizens of Miami Beach her workout bitches, strapping on clothing so tight that it's a wonder she can breathe (or that we can must any oxyen intake while ogling her) and hardcore mentoring her clients into being like JNL. Now, I suppose, if she can get any ladies to look like she does in those gold short shorts, she's worth her personal training fees and then some.

As you know, I have a personal fear of being yelled at by powerful women, leaving me to stage right exit spinning classes, aerobics, Pilates, piloxing, and just still scared to ask the burly woman at the gym in the hoodie if she's almost done on the Stairmaster. But the thought of Jennifer berating me for my imperfections and straddling my personal spaces to teach me proper form, well, it may be time to pull out the dust-covered checkbook. Enjoy.

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