J-Woww Models Her Own Bikini Line; We Approve

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As you know, it's now been scientifically documented that there is one, and only one good reason to pay attention to the ongoing MTV phenomenon, Jersey Shore, and that would be the fine feathered friends protruding from the J-Woww chestal region, a fine set of knockers worthy of wading through some otherwise craptastic reality show fetidness. Now, by the grace of the merchandising gods, J-Woww is launching her very own bikini line, apparently aimed at Italian-American pretending shore girls wishing to most effectively flash their tramp stamps this coming summer on the boardwalk, all of which gives us yet another opportunity to ogle J-Woww's own tremendous bathing suit form and hope upon hope that she just smiles quietly.

It's all good down by the shore. Enjoy.

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