Isabelle Bscher Bikini Pictures Are a Work of Miami Beach Art

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In our zeal to show you pretty much every bikini-clad celebrity around the seven or eight or however many continents there are now around the globe, we bring you Swiss Miss Isabelle Bscher, who unless you routinely buy six-figure and seven-figure works of art for your St. Moritz winter home, you've probably never heard of. She's one of those girls you see in a European indie film, well-educated, kind of hot, tall, lean, and sell pieces of inexplicable modern art to wealthy gentlemen. As a man who's only ever purchased one painting in his life, that being of five nekkid hot girls with fluffy canine tails playing poker, meh, I don't get it so much. But I do get bikinis, and hot bodies under the Miami Beach sun, as how Isabelle Bscher was caught during her vacation strut yesterday. I'm not sure I'm going to be purchasing any of her lithographs or collages any time soon, but I sure can't help imagining her as a canvas and going a bit Jackson Pollock painting style on her (yeah, I know, more crude than funny). Enjoy.

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