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Irina Shayk Rings In the Christmas Holidays With Sexy Bra Pics

We're starting to feel all seasonal here at the offices. Gretchen has the mistletoe hung with six-fingered care right where she believes the potentially heterosexual Cousin Jonathan will be walking, in hopes of that special awkward Yule-time kiss. The snowman we built out of ice bags left from our Friday morning margarita mixers has melted into a puddle beneath my desk, not the first or last time a puddle will be found there. And, there are seasonal lingerie catalogs spread across the classic oaks work tables we bartered off Craigslist in exchange for a three bound sack of Jelly Bellies and one mostly intact dead monkey. You can trade anything on Craigslist. Yes, it feels like Christmas here.

And amid those lingerie spreads, don't you know, a Christmas time Intimissimi lingerie bra-wish from the sexy Russian model, Irina Shayk, a real newcomer to us in 2010, and mostly just a more-cummer in 2011. We won't get into her relations with soccer players, but we will get into imagining her without the Santa get-up and bra and really bringing us some serious treats down our anatomical chimneys (yes, I know that makes no sense). Enjoy.

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