Gabrielle Union Bikini Pictures Flash a Solid Dose of Miami Beach Heat

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Talk about looking hot at nearly 40, Gabrielle Union made a fairly rare bikini appearance yesterday on Miami Beach, where she danced and pranced and strutted across the sand in a little orange bikini, flattering her sweet veteran sextastic body, even as she cared for boyfriend Dwayne Wade's kids (and, lest we forget, D. Wade's ex-wife sued Gabrielle for frisky type physical behavior with her still then husband in front of the kids). 

Still, to focus on the hotness, Gabrielle keeps herself in some stellar shape, au natural it seems, and all types of hitting the gym to maintain such a tight body at her seasoned age (and, lest we also forget, women hit their making of the sexy peak right about this age -- we're no dummies here). Enjoy.

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