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Elle Macpherson Bikini Pictures Hang a Perfect Ten

Calculate this in your ogle-abacus. Elle Macpherson is 47-years old. I know, look at her, this must be simply some bad math, or some good genes, or the combination thereof, because this smoking hot surfing mom with the still stellar bikini body, dayum, I want to help her in the general kitchen area.

Elle took to Brisbane Bay in the Aussie summer for what is apparently a fairly new hobby of hers, this thing they call surfing, as evidenced by the bloody lip she rode back to shore with. But who was looking at her lips (okay, I was, just a reflex) when the smoking hot mom unwrapped her wetsuit to reveal her ridiculously well-preserved summer swimsuit bodily form. Moms should simply not look this hot, it throws off the balance of nature (see what happened in the Stephanie Seymour case, as a for instance).

40's are the new 20's for the Perfect 10's. Enjoy.

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