Egotastic! Hotness Awards 2011 — Top Ten Most Sextastic Celebrities (The Big Prize!)

This is it. The big one. All the marbles. The whole enchilada. The hottest hotties in all of Hottieville as voted by a massive flood of Egotastic! readers in our survey, the Most Sextastic Celebrities of 2011.

Nobody knows how difficult these decisions are more than we do, which is why we left the hard work to all of you. We simply can’t choose ourselves from the dozens, the hundreds, literally thousands of supremely hot actresses, models, divas, and celebrities that fill our pages every day of the year. We’re love them all, we lust them all, and now your votes have been counted.

Thank you all for participating so heavily.

MOST SEXTASTIC CELEBRITIES OF 2011 : Jump into the gallery to see the results of the Top 10.

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