Edita Vilkeviciute Displays the Proper Care and Feeding of Awesome Swimsuit Bodies

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(And, yes, that is a surprise guest appearance from Alessandra Ambrosio.)

As you may recall, Lithuanian sextastic model Edita Vilkeviciute has agreed to be my wife in one of the happiest days of my life. She hasn't accepted so much formally, or in writing, or face to face verbal communications, or by way of telephone or text, but rather with the looks in her eyes, her casual glances through the photographic lenses, and the obviously coquettish manner in which she keeps referring my endearing letters to Interpol. It's pretty much a solid 'yes' from all indications. She'll be wearing white, I'll be wearing protection. That's just how I roll on wedding day. 

The future former Mrs. Egotastic! continued her uber-hotness display in her latest swimsuit shoot for Victoria's Secret, where the long, lean, lanky blonde puts every inch of her ridiculously sextastic form to work in pimping out some swimsuits she'll obviously be taking along on our honeymoon, as if we'll be leaving the room.

It's not just that women as hot as Edita inspire men to greatness, it's that they thrust great fleshy hotness upon you. Enjoy.

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