Courtney Stodden Red Bikini Flashing As The Oldest Youngest Teen Bride Shoots a Teaser

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Okay, granted this was for a short film being shot; it's not as if 17-going-on-47 teen bride Courtney Stodden just walks down the street in a faux fur coat flashing her bikini body to passers-by, I mean, not yet she doesn't. Give it a couple years and you might see the same along the Boulevard after dark. But, in this instance, the young Mrs. who Dr. Drew inexplicably declared to have natural chest puppies on national television, worked her under-aged magic in Hollywood giving a little show to passing pedestrians (just kidding, there are no pedestrians in Los Angeles, we meant slow moving motorists) in some kind of high-school on steroids type bodily exhibition.

We're still not exactly sure what to make of Courtney Stodden, though we imagine if we melted her down we could make some industrial products. Still, she remains but a girl, so we can't even mention other unmentionable sights you might find in these photos upon closer examination. Enjoy.

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