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Claudia Galanti, Natalia Bush, and Nena Ristic Form a Mega-Trifecta of Bikini Hotness over Christmas

Talk about your Santa-tastic overloads. There's got to be some type of conspiracy laws against so many super hot models dropping bikini madness on one beach at one time, the ogling gentleman has only so many eyes to use at one time to leer. Ocular damage seems near certain.

Sextastic Paraguayan model Claudia Galanti, was joined by her two ridiculously hot model friends, Tenerife native and blonde delicious Natalia Bush, along with Yugoslavian turned Swiss uber-body model, Nena Ristic, all three forming some type of super model U.N on Miami Beach on the Christmas weekend, seeing who's body was hot enough to make it rain. It was a rough day for the Speedo wearing set along the beach as these three bikini-barbarians strutted from shore to sea, and back again, with various types of stimulating bends, peeks, and butt shots, on the order of the immeasurable. Now this is the way to celebrate the holidays. Enjoy.

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