Claudia Galanti Bikini Pictures Suck the Fruit Right Off Your Stick

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It really is almost madness what's going on in the South of Florida this December. Bikini madness. And I'm pretty sure I never want it to stop. It's like summer, but winter, and hotter.

Our super hot Paraguayan model mom, Claudia Galanti, continues what seems like an endless (may it never end) bikini vacation in Miami where each day brings out a wonderful new and revealing bit of swimwear, highlighting her amazing body and award-winning asstastic. I just can't imagine it's an easy task for a dude to walk the beach down there without being cited for something indecent.

And, lest we forget, how about a big time Egotastic! shoutout to the vendor who first decided to start selling strawberries on a stick down at Miami Beach. You, sir, have created refreshment on many levels! Enjoy. 

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