Catherine McNeil Bikini Photoshoot at Bondi Beach for Hotness Introductions

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We love it when a new celeb joins our visual folds, as it were, in this case, today, super sextastic, young, and lesbionic fashion wunderkind Catherine McNeil, who has been winning major contests and magazine covers since about fourteen years of age, and winning the hearts of fellow hot female models ever since as well. The mere thought of nubile fashionistas scissor kissing in the changing rooms is more than enough to gather 100% of our attention, make that 110% of our attention plus our entire bank accounts and logical thinking, but when you throw in the likes of Catherine McNeil captured during a bikini shoot at the famous Bondi Beach, we have ourselves a truly memorable introduction. This is one truly hot woman.

Welcome to Egotastic!, Catherine, feel free to caress the samples. Enjoy.

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