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Britney Spears Gets Muy Caliente on Stage in Mexico City

I know it's not a popular opinion, but I'm proud of Britney Spears for dusting off the old costumes, cinching up the drooping parts, and hitting the road this year on presumably one last world mega-concert tour, her Femmes Fatales show, where the pop diva shows, to me, that super divas never die, they just get a little more in need of Spanx. 

I'm looking at these Britney Spears concert photos from her weekend world stop in Mexico City and I'm seeing a lot of the old Britney, in fact, I'm seeing a lot of the new Britney, thanks to some stage costumes that are a couple sizes too small for the more curvaceous pop star. But, adding it all up, if Britney is cupping her fuller sized fun bags on stage, and blatantly flashing her can, I'm still leering. Not from the floor mind you, or anywhere I'd have to hear the music, but with ear plugs, from a private box, and a big smile on my face. Team Britney representing. Enjoy.

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