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Bella Thorne, The Next Big Disney Starlet, Continues to Attract Hungry Paparazzi

Disney is one clever little mouse. Disney doesn't get in your face with the seasoning of their next unseasoned teen talent, they just kind of send them out into public in progressively cuter and teasier outfits they know will get all the photogs in town a'snapping until their little thing becomes a big thing and next thing you know they've got their own teeny bopper show and shortly thereafter, they're on a mall tour in short shorts and revealing tops singing about stupid boyfriends to screaming hordes of tween girls. It's the Circle of Disney Starlet Life (not to mention the part where backstage at the tour, they get a little bit into the drink and start snapping naughty photos of themselves, that part is inevitable as well).

We're picking the young but increasingly savvy Bella Thorne as the next 'it' girl in the Disney factory. She's got the All-American smile, the Disney hair, the young teen fashion sense that will drive a bundle of sales at Kohl's or Target in the near future, and, dammit, she's got knee-high stripety socks. It's really almost official at this point. You're looking at the next Miley Cyrus. We are almost never mostly entirely wrong about these things. Enjoy.

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