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Bar Refaeli So Hot She Makes The New Gap Ads Leer-Worthy

Okay, let's be completely honest, posting up this latest picture of the uber-sextastic Israeli supermodel, Bar Refaeli, from her latest Gap ads is really just an excuse to talk about our insane lust for this desperately hot woman, finally freed from the shackles of her long term beard duties, snapping off some luvin', and looking more ridiculously hot than ever. Man, it feels good to come clean.

When I think about how many times Bar Refaeli has brought happiness to all of us, I want to give her a medal or something and pin it right on her perfect chest, or assorted other variously perfect body parts of hers. Let's be even more completely honest here, there are many many babies out there right now who were conceived to thoughts of Bar, so maybe it's a mom of the year medal or something like that. And, oh yeah, the Gap ad is pretty damn hot. Enjoy.

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