Ashley Tisdale Shops, Vanessa Hudgens Sweats, Just a Fun Hot Girls Day Out

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There's nothing better than when both ends of one of your sextastic fantasy sandwiches come together on their own, bringing your own imaginary X-rated show that much closer to fruition. We've had a double delightfully desire of an animal nature for petite hotties Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens since their High School Musical days. Not that we've ever seen the movies, nor would we admit to having seen them even if we did, so, please, do not shame us with any interrogation.

Over the holiday weekend, Ashley Tisdale, former onscreen cheerleader extraordinaire, strapped on some seriously high sexy boots and met up with Vanessa Hudgens after her regular yoga workout in Studio City, the two girls hit some lunch and shopping afterwards, and, of course, left us wishing we had been the greasy third wheel on that daytime date. Enjoy.

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