Anne Vyalitsyna Lingerie Photoshoot Just Makes Us Even More Jealous of That Maroon 5 Dude

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When we were asked in third grade what we wanted to be when we grew up, the usual chorus of sports star, astronaut, and night manager of a Taco Bell came up from my class (let's be real, at least the kids who named the latter went on to achieve their dreams). I said I wanted to be a women's clothing department dressing room cleanup guy. I also went on to achieve my dream, though in a more amateur and law evading type sense. If I could go back and change my answer, I'd definitely swap out for rock star. Nobody, but nobody gets hotter tail than dudes in bands. 

Case in point, Adam Levine and his monumental score of Russian uber-hottie, Anne Vyalitsyna, Anne V as she's going by these days for us pronunciation-ally challenged. Just look at this sextastic young model in her lingerie photoshoot for Dinnigan silky things and tell me that being an astronaut in any way shape or form compares with tapping Anne's moons like an autumnal ripened maple tree thrice daily. Enjoy.

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