Ana Bekoa Drops Some Telenovela Young and Hotness

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The holidays are  wonderful time to catch up on some of my missed telenovela soapy fun time from South of the Border, where the bitch slapping hotties fight and wait their turn to expose their amazing bodies in their home country's men's magazines. And thank god for all of that. Ana Bekoa is the latest hot rising high-drama television star down Mexico way, an interesting thespianic who has created quite a scandal as it was learned that prior to her young upstart telenovela career, she sort of might of been in prison for three years on some serious swindling charges. Funny how certain things get left off your resume. But, talk about rehabbing your image.

The actress flashes just an amazing body on the pages of this month's H Para Hombres magazine, leaving at least us here wondering just how steamy those prison showers must've been. Enjoy.

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