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Aida Yespica Sinks the Pink Bikini As Miami Heat Rages On

Sometimes, all those candles I light in the window of my studio apartment mansion really do pay off. Oh, how we have prayed for hot-bodied Aida Yespica to never ever leave Miami Beach, or never ever stop wearing tiny bikinis that flash her ridiculously sextastic body (I mean, yes, we would like her to lose the bikinis, if we can be leering during the disrobing ceremony). 

The former Venezuelan beauty pageant hottie and oft-scandal Italiana gossip girl continued her seemingly and thankfully endless winter vacation in Miami with yet another fabulously designed to show off bikini, pink this time, flashing all sort of body parts that can only be described as delicious.

I often wonder to myself how so many seemingly savvy sports stars and politicians can become embroiled in such obviously stupid scandals involved women such as Aida, then I look at her like this and I know exactly why and that I would do the same. Enjoy.

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