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A Sad Farewell to Young Kendall Jenner; And Big Hello to Grow'd Up Kendall Jenner

We fought the good fight, but the odds were drastically against us in our battle to save Kendall Jenner from a life more ordinary, a life away from the Kardashian mafia, and a destiny of pimping, merching, and fake matrimonies for television. When first we met Kendall being forced in near tears to discuss her inaugural menstrual cycle on national television for the benefit of the family cash machine, we devised the Free Kendall Jenner campaign, hoping to rescue the taller, leaner, hotter Kardashian sister from the clutches of her she-bot older half sisters, not to mention her puppet-faced string pulling family matriarch. But, alas, today we must admit defeat as E! News announced the spinoff reality show featuring Kendall and even younger sister Kylie, on the same day Kris Jenner gleefully announced the young girls signing to pimp out their own signature craptastic jewelry collection.

The war is over. Goodbye, Norma Jean.

That being said, game on for Kendall Jenner. The model-built teen has a future that we will certainly be tracking, Egotastic! style. She's not a girl, not yet a woman, but as that changes, we will be watching.

Welcome to the wonderful world of grown-up celebrity, Kendall.

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