We Love Outtakes! Miranda Kerr Uses Her New Mama Body to Pimp Multimillion Dollar Bra

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Well, it turns out that that $2 million Fantasy Bra that Miranda Kerr pimped for Victoria's Secret this past month was precisely $2 million more than the credit limit left on my Mastercard, which caused great and, I thought, rather unnecessary laughter over the telephone when I tried to buy the double cups that had been around my be-lusted's bare boobtastic.

However, perhaps almost as good -- outtakes. From the photoshoot for the catalog pictures of the super ritzy over the shoulder boulder holder, with the new MILF-extraordinaire Miranda Kerr packed inside, and some nice lacy little shorts panties to complement the entire visual wonderment. As evidenced by today, we can never really get enough Miranda Kerr, who has returned from motherhood to make us all feel like suckling mama into our own state of bliss. Enjoy.

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