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Thank God It's Funbags (TGIF): Jordan Carver Drops Down Dog on Her Legendary Flesh Puppies

I'm not one for research or fact checking, but I do believe this is our first-ever edition of TGIF without actual toplessness. When we spotted noteworthy German glamour model, Jordan Carver, conducting a display of yoga almost revealing enough to make us consider buying one of those rolled up rubber mats and some overpriced sweatpants and enrolling in some healthy body enlightenment studio, well, we just had to share. It was just a couple months ago I think we debunked the myth that this monster mammaried model had NEVER EVER appeared nude before, though that is one of her often made claims. Now, we're done with debunking and just into leering at those spectacular jugtaculars.

If this doesn't give you a lift through to the weekend, we're not sure what will. Enjoy.

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