Tamara Ecclestone and Lizzie Cundy Provide Cross-Generations of Pushed-Up Cleavage

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Billion-heiress Tamara Ecclestone and TV show hostess Lizzie Cundy had a little battle of the pushed up boobtastic at the Box Club in Soho the other evening, with the winners being all the leering gentleman in the area, as the two brunettes exited the club with their chest proudly on display. The last time we saw Petra, she was getting a limited edition Ferrari delivered to her doorstep, such is the life of a wealthy scion and erstwhile model. (The only thing that gets delivered to my door are overdue payment notices, so, yeah, I'm jealous.) For her part, Lizzie Cundy, former football player wife, showed that there's no good reason a 40-something mom can't get out there cinched up in tight leather and fire off a nice display of the MILF-allure. I mean, if you can't fit into the outfit, that's a good reason not to, but Lizzie Cundy still wears it well. Enjoy.

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