Rihanna Shares Her Vacation Photos (But We Bet She's Holding Back the Best Ones)

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Well, they're not exactly sexted nekkid photos, but Rihanna did share with the world some of her personal vacation photos from a break in her recent world tour, providing fans of the Bajan mega-hottie a little glimpse here and there into the bootylicious body of the 'R-Rated' diva.

We did award Rihanna our prestigious 'raunchiest concert of the summer' award for all her crotch grabs and asstastic peeks and cannon-riding poses betwixt her musical numbers, but it's also nice to leer upon her more quiet times in a bikini or some slinky dresses, just making you wonder why your last vacation was to Laughlin with co-worker Steve rather than a private yacht trip in the Mediterranean with Rihanna. Enjoy.

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