Our Be-Lusted Kate Middleton Candidly Caught Grocery Store Shopping

You have two choices here, you can lie and pretend you're not the guy who ogles hot women at the grocery store loading their food selections onto the checkout counter, or you can be honest and admit that you pray there's a large heavy object in the bottom of their cart. Okay, women, you've now learned another one of our dirty little shameful never-gonna-stop secrets.

And when that grocery store sexy shopper turns out to be none other than the future queen of England, the Britty brunette  hottie Duchess Catherine, a.k.a., Kate Middleton, well, by gum, you're pulling all your Karma cards in hopes of a large winter melon buried on the shopping cart lower rail. Who knew that the future bluest of bloods (that mean's aristocrat, you chumps, not that the sight of her makes the vein in your.... never mind) does her own grocery shopping? Meat and potatoes and Kate lifting that sweater over her head and we have the recipe for a perfect evening in my 850-square foot castle. Enjoy.

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