Luisana Lopilato Ultimate Lingerie Shoot Leads to Lustful Feelings

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There's absolutely no doubt that we want to make the dirty sexy with Michael Buble's wife, Luisana Lopilato. It just kind of is what it is. No offense Buble, in fact, it's a compliment, and we're quite certain after the fact you'll come up with an amazingly touching song about how you found Egotastic! in your boudoir getting super naughty with your super hot Argentinean model wife. A brilliant song. In fact, if I were you, just to get a headstart, you might want to brainstorm  some lyrics that rhyme with the term 'reverse blumpkin'. It's going to get that kind of serious.

These Luisana Lopilato lingerie pictures for the latest Ultimo Lingerie catalog just further our commitment to getting jiggy with the missus. Social etiquette is merely no match for primal urges brought on by this blonde hottie in little bits of lace and satin. We must bring order to the universe again. Enjoy.

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