Leona Lewis Frustrates Us With the Ogling Potential of Her Mighty Melons

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We often overlook Leona Lewis, for although being pretty damned hot and pretty damned talented, she simply will not free those amazing funbags of hers ever-perched behind some conservative garb. I'm not saying a woman can't have her own taste and sensibilities when it comes to public presentation, but I am raising the word 'selfish' here, and I don't assign it lightly. A sextastic celebrity with a bodacious pair of funbags owes it to the gentleman ogling community to bare her bosomy soul, at least every so often, it's simply what's right. Pay it forward, giving back, a hand up, a hand out, I don't care what you call it, but we need to see those flesh cannons.

Leona Lewis teased the perky possibilites yet again at an animal sanctuary fundraiser over the weekend and all I can say is, 'Hey, Leona, what about us male animals?' We could use a little sanctuary ourselves. Pretty please. Enjoy.

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