Lauren Pope Sideboob The First Good Thing to Come Out of the Breaking Dawn Craze

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Okay, granted, Lauren Pope is not necessarily our favorite The Only Way is Essex cast member, and, granted, she lists her career as 'DJ', which, again, we continue to not understand how that's an actual paying job in the digital music age, and, okay, there's the nose job, but, forgetting all of that... Lauren Pope absolutely offered up the positive side of the Twilight Breaking Dawn craze going on this week with a super revealing, side-boob flashing dress on the red carpet at the London premiere of the craptastic rom-vamp cinematic squirt job.

We could all do with a little less Pattinson and Stewart preening and pouty, and a bit more Lauren Pope flashing her killer body and bobotastic in a righteous slit of fashion. Enjoy.

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