Lauren Brant Bikini Candids To Kick Off the Wet Hot Australian Summer

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If you've got little kids or you just like to get faded and watch children's TV in the morning Down Under, then you're well familiar with the insane pop beats of Hi-5, and you've probably long since lusted band and high-energy show member Lauren Brant, and, if you haven't before, well, you're about to thanks to these incredibly sexy bikini candids of Lauren in Queensland getting all kinds of beach body flashing. Kids, let's just take a moment to all say, 'Dayum'. Just look at those lucky bastard beads of water dripping down that ridiculously hot body.

I don't want to kick off a pity party here, but how did I get stuck with Bob the Builder (albeit, Wendy and I had some fun nap time fantasy encounters, if you know what I'm saying) while children in the British speaking empire get to see Lauren Brant each morning? Enjoy.

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