Kris Humprhies Hits the Trashcan While Kim Kardashian Pimps Her Can on Film Set

Remember when you couldn't get enough of these two love birds exchanging promises of lifelong commitment? I mean, before you realized it was all a bit ruse for cash, at least on the wife's part? Yeah, I don't remember either.

Oh, how the worm turns. Turning down for labor struck NBA player, Kris Humphries, the pre-screened chump in the nuptial deal, but don't you know who always lands on her feet? Kim Kardashian is back to work under heavy security on the film set of The Marriage Counselor, Tyler Perry's new film where Kim will have a role as provider of marital advice to a troubled friend. Oh, we could easily get lost in the tremendous irony, but with Kim getting a phat paycheck, let's just call it back to business as usual.

Check out TMZ for details on Kim's trip to Minnesota to find 'closure' with Kris, you know, after filing divorce papers and leaving the country.

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