Kendra Wilkinson Drops A Double Dose of Her Marketable Assets at GNC

We don't make fun of Kendra Wilkinson and her transformation from Kendra Wilkinson sex tape girl and Kendra Wilkinson fun-time stripper girl to Kendra Wilkinson, wife and mother and lifestyle guru to women across the world, in fact, we admire it. The way this softcore/hardcore young lass was able to migrate from a 99% male audience to a 99% female audience, to pimping products and selling books on traditional values and motherhood and how to please your purse-holding husband, it's downright amazing. And, lucrative. As Kendra now pushes all sort of merchandise, including some latest body-shaping substance that no doubt contains ground up Adderall mixed with diet pills and topped off with the ground bones of the dead from the sample product testing group. And, guess what? Woman are going to buy it.

Because they want to look like Kendra. And looking at her at GNC yesterday flashing her smile and killer cleavage, I can see why. Enjoy.

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