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Katie Holmes, A Smile, and a Little Skin, Makes Me Want to Tumble After

I can't say I'm really looking forward to Adam Sandler's next bit of 'didn't seem to try to hard' to make a film Jack and Jill, which looks like a really bad movie that might have only been sort of kind of bad twenty years ago when having the split screen of one dude playing himself and a twin was kind of novel in itself. One positive thing to come out of a comedy film opening -- the premiere, where everybody is in smiles, including Katie Holmes with whom I am still madly passionately in lust, having wanted to biologically flood her creek since the Dawson days, and now that she's been put behind the Xenu-patterned walls, for some reason find her even more attractive, like a Stepford-hottie in need of some de-programming, man-style.

Perhaps I'm projecting, but Katie in a flashy (for her) top and a seductive little smile, it's enough to get me wanting to see more Holmes. Enjoy.

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