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Kate Upton Flashes Her Epic Cleavage for Beach Bunny Swimwear Photoshoot (VIDEO)

Kate Upton may just about symbolize all that is possible for super sexy celebrities when they're willing to put some curves on their all-too-often frail, skinny bodies. The perfectly hot-and-soft bodied swimsuit and lingerie model took to the photo studio to snap her Beach Bunny bikini photoshoot for the 2012 swimsuit season (the little bikinis the girls will be wearing come next Spring Break) and showed off all the lust-inducement possible when there's a little 'cushion for the pushin'.

Check out the video behind the scenes of the photoshoot to get the full bouncy giggle smiley effect from Super Hot Kate. Enjoy.

kate-upton-beach-bunny-swimwear-2012-shootby EgotasticMedia

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