Jessica Sutta Bikini Pictures Candidly Hot on South Beach

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Former Pussycat Doll member and former Miami Heat cheerleader Jessica Sutta returned some heat to Miami yesterday, splashing about the ocean blue in a bikini  so amazing, it actually appeared to change colors mid-photo-snapping. While Nicole Scherzinger is the former Doll getting all the pub, and, you know, she's not so bad looking, Jessica Sutta definitely is an under-appreciated commodity in Hottieville, as evidenced by this nautical display of her womanly curves. Apparently, Jessica has a new solo album coming out in 2012. We can't say we're eagerly anticipating the recorded sounds, but we are definitely looking forward to the sextastic promotional shoots and videos sure to be part of the marketing package.

Just look at that rump! Enjoy.

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