Jennifer Lopez Bends Over for Pitbull (and Fiat) at the American Music Awards

Oh, the music world and artists were abuzz and agog about Jennifer Lopez and her sell-out performance tonight at the American Music Awards. Of course, irate musicians such as John Legend weren't anger-twittering about the hot mama barely clad and getting it on onstage, they were peeved at the fact that J-Lo did her song and dance number around a Fiat, parked in the middle of the stage, clearly a promotional tie in to her new auto-company mega-million dollar campaign. And, yeah, that was kind of crude and Kardashian like pimping, but, c'mon, this is the American Music Awards, a giant assemblage of largely craptastic pop music being honored for it's sheer monetary value. It's all about the money, this isn't about music.

And, to boot, pun intended, if you're doing anything other than laughing at Pitbull literally tap 'dat famous asstastic on J-Lo, you're missing the visual moment that sums up the entire evening. Enjoy.

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