January Jones Gets Us Saying Thanks for Hot Girls in Scandalous Affairs

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How much less fun would life be without sexy celebrities involved in salacious scandals? No, we're not talking fashion faux pas or trashed hotel rooms, we're talking getting knocked up by your X-Men: First Class film director who just happens to be married to Claudia Schiffer. Oh, sure, this is still unconfirmed gossip, albeit, the baby in the stroller and the look on Claudia's face provide some clue that a victimless crime of passion was likely committed at least one evening in a trailer on set, and, well, thanks for that, January Jones. It's one thing to be a hot thespianic, it's another thing to live the Hollywood life down to the juicier parts.

Do take note, January Jones is quickly making her way into new mama hotness (and she'll be on your ballot next week for new MILF of the year). Enjoy.

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