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Fanboy Faptastic: Candace Bailey Flashes Her Lingerie Clad Awesome on Attack of the Show

That sound you hear is the collective door slam of one million fanboys in need of privacy in their parents' house basement bedrooms.

The sextastic hostess Candace Bailey kicked the hotness up another notch, taking the AOTS job formerly held by Olivia Munn and raising it to new heights of ogle-worthiness, decked out in a little bit of lingerie and hoisting some handcuffs. Oh, my, my, my. This is all kinds of imprint permanently on the libido time, I can feel the etching taking place in my brain as we speak. It's a pleasurable kind of pain. Kind of like being cuffed by Candace.

Do we have a thing for Candace Bailey from Attack of the Show? Who doesn't?

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